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Re: (pdf,ps,dvi) -->> (rtf, doc) What's the best route?

> Did you try pdftotext?  It is part of the xpdf-package.
> If you can get the source (tex/Latex) code of the document, you can
> use Hevea to create a .html or .txt version.

I just tried pdftotext, but there is a problem with the encoding that is
giving me trouble, and I don't know how to fix it. Something about the
path to it or so. The tex source I have it, but is in plain tex, and
hevea keeps complaining about it, since seemingly it expects Latex. So
far the best solution of the three proposed has been catdvi -s -e 2
file.dvi > file.txt (which by the way I don't understand, sine my
machines should be encoding in utf-8, and the source is made in them).
The only problem is the paragraph-line-space formatting, that I have to
fix by hand. Without the -s option was even worse. Does anyone have any
idea about how to solve this with some script or so? Thanks to all for
the great help.

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