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Re: (pdf,ps,dvi) -->> (rtf, doc) What's the best route?

On Mon, Dec 15, 2003 at 05:31:50AM -0500, Antonio Rodr wrote:
> I am trying to convert some pure text pdf file of a spanish text to doc for a friend, 
> (he needs to annotate it) but I can't find the rut. 
> I've tried several ways, but I am stucked either way at the same spot:
> 1. pstptext, open with abiword, save as doc.
> 2. open pdf with xpdf, highlight text and middle button to open abiword.
> Well, in both cases the problem is the existence of accented letters and other non 
> english characters in the text. 
> All ideas are welcome (except screw doc, I wish I could, but have to do it)

Did you try pdftotext?  It is part of the xpdf-package.

If you can get the source (tex/Latex) code of the document, you can
use Hevea to create a .html or .txt version.

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