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Re: Debian installation issue


Kent West (<westk@acu.edu>) wrote:

> Sreelal Chandrasenan wrote:

>> [...]
>> Even Debian could not detect the ethernetcard on the P4 board,
>> though it was detected by Redhat 9.X and Windows 2K. It is an Intel 
>> Pro 100 based card.  I tried different Debain CDs, still I am getting
>> the same problem.
> I suspect you're installing from the first CD in a 7-CD set, which
> means you're using a 2.2 kernel. You probably need to use one of the
> other CDs (fourth?) in order to get a 2.4 kernel which will probably
> recognize the eepro100 card.

It is the fifth CD, but the 2.4 Kernel is also on the first CD, you only
have to tell the installer that you want to use it.

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

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