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Re: Debian installation issue

Sreelal Chandrasenan wrote:
One of the Pentium 4 box, when I instaled the Debian linux, I got nano_1.0.6_2_i386.deb corrupt error and I am unable to proceed further with installation. I tried multiple times and I could not succeed. I could install debian on other Pentium3 systems using the same CD without any problem.

This "feels" like a damaged-CD problem. Even though it installed on another machine, perhaps the damage/scuff occurred after the first install. Of perhaps the P4 box's CD drive is a little less tolerant of problems. I think I'd suggest burning a new CD, or at least cleaning your current one.

 Even Debian could not detect the ethernetcard on the P4 board, though it was detected by Redhat 9.X
and Windows 2K. It is an Intel Pro 100 based card.  I tried different Debain CDs, still I am getting the same problem.
 How to proceed ?

I suspect you're installing from the first CD in a 7-CD set, which means you're using a 2.2 kernel. You probably need to use one of the other CDs (fourth?) in order to get a 2.4 kernel which will probably recognize the eepro100 card. (You say you've tried different Debian CDs, but I don't know if you mean different burns of the same CD, or different CD from different sources, or different CDs of the 7-CD set, or what.) You might try running "modprobe eepro100" and see what happens. Or you can manually upgrade your kernel if you've already finished installing Debian.


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