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Re: Debian installation issue


Sreelal Chandrasenan (<SChandrasenan@verance.com>) wrote:

> One of the Pentium 4 box, when I instaled the Debian linux, I got
> nano_1.0.6_2_i386.deb corrupt error and I am unable to proceed further
> with installation. I tried multiple times and I could not succeed. I
> could install debian on other Pentium3 systems using the same CD
> without any problem.

Maybe making a copy of the CD on another computer and using the copy
will work. Or you exchange the drive. Or you make an image of the
Debian installation from another system and copy it to the Pentium 4.
Or you put the stuff you need for installing the base system somewhere
on the hard disk of another computer or maybe on some partition on the
same computer and use that dir to install the base system from, locally
or via nfs. There are probably plenty other possibilities.

> Even Debian could not detect the ethernetcard on the P4 board, though
> it was detected by Redhat 9.X and Windows 2K. It is an Intel Pro 100 
> based card.

Debian doesn't try to "autodetect" any hardware. You have to load the
driver. You are asked for it during the installation process. I think
you need to select the eepro100 module. Maybe some of the installation
kernels on the first CD has it built in (in that case you don't have to
load the module), at least the 2.4.18-bf2.4 Kernel has it as a module.

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

Andreas Janssen
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