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Can't install Debian on HDD w/Promise controller card

I'm sure this must be a FAQ, but I can't seem to find anything helpful
googling for the answer.

I'm trying to install Debian woody (3.0r2) onto a new hard drive (WD1800JB,
180Gig Western Digital) in a new computer.  It is the only hard drive in the
machine, and the only other IDE device is DVD+R drive.

My understanding of how the computer (BIOS, OS, etc.) interact with a large
(>137Gig) hard drive is a bit shaky, but I decided to try connecting the
drive directly to the motherboard's (ABIT IS7) IDE connector and booting off
a Debian CD.  No dice - the installer saw the hard drive as /dev/hda, but
the partitioning program only saw 137Gig.

So I installed the Promise Ultra100TX controller card that Western Digital
ships with the drive, connected the drive to it, and tried again.  The BIOS
sees the drive fine, but the Debian installer always gets to a point where
it tells me that it can't find any hard drives and I'm going to have to
insert a floppy with drivers if I want to continue any further.  This
happens whether I use the "idepci" "bf24" or "compact" boot methods.

Neither WD or Promise appear to have any Linux drivers I can use.  So, how
do I get Debian to see the drive on the Promise controller and proceed with
the installation?

Thanks very much to anyone who can help!

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