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RE: XFree86 with i810 onboard graphics (Newbie)

When you started the install did you use bf24 to use the 2.4 Kernel? I had
the same issues at home on my i810 until I used that command to start the

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Subject: XFree86 with i810 onboard graphics (Newbie)


Sorry if this is repeating a topic you've seen a dozen times before but I'm 
having real trouble starting X on my old celery 400 with the Intel i810 
onboard graphics chip.

I installed Debian Woody fresh and selected the i810 chip from the list. I 
also went conservative with my monitor settings as it's an old and crappy 
14". On completion of the install and package install (done over web), it 
rebooted and tried to start x (GDM) over the text login prompt. After two or

three goes it comes up with an error and asks me if I want to view the log 
(attached). It then asks me if I want it to try and configure X - this makes

no difference.

I googled and dug through the mailing list archives and found some examples 
of this problem but they seemed to related to v3.x of XFree86 and several 
replies suggested that v4.x would fix it. I am on v4.1.0-16woody1 (default 
with the Woody install) and same problem.

I have also attached my XFree86Config-4 for your edification.

Help! I am having real trouble getting ANY linux up on this old machine. 
Suse didn't have a clue what my network card was, Gentoo was SSSSSOOOOOO 
SSSSSSLLLLOOOOWWW, I can't get the FD to boot and Mandrake http install 
refuses to run in the available 64M. Please help restore my faith in linux 
as I am really keen to throw away my windoze.



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