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Re: email client


Gruessle (<debian@orces.com>) wrote:

> I have some problems and what I have learned so far is that I need to
> send you guys more info so you can help me.
> First think I should do I guess is setup an email client on the Debian
> box otherwise I will have to type all the errors in to my email.

If you have Windows installed on that computer, you can also access your
log files from there, for example with explore2fs (if you use
ext2/ext3). You can also redirect the output from programs to a file.

startx > logfile

> How do I do that and which email client is easy to use?

As your X window system is not running yet, X programs like kmail,
sylpheed or mozilla-mail are not an option. mutt will work without
XFree. The easiest way to make it work should be to install it and
configure your smtp software to use your ISP's smtp server as a
smarthost. By default, Debian will install exim. Install mutt:

apt-get install mutt

and configure exim properly. Run


and select option (2).

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

Andreas Janssen
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