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Re: My email is rejected by some sites

On Sunday 14 December 2003 21:40, Joerg Rossdeutscher wrote:

> Running and maintaining a mailserver is a difficult job. 

Configuring a mailserver to route mail outward from a firewalled LAN is 
not difficult.

> Incorrect
> configured mailservers can cause a lot of problems to others. 

That's true.

> So
> everyone should be forced to use a providers machine as smarthost.

But it is not right to punish the innocent as well as the guilty.

> If your provider filters mail, adds advertisings etc... blame the
> provider. Choose another. We don't talk about modifying content.

One ISP has a monopoly on cable modem service in my area.

> Local mailservers are childish, dangerous and nonsense.

Bigotry against independent mailservers is childish, dangerous and 
nonsense. ;-)

-- Adam

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