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Re: My email is rejected by some sites

On Thursday 11 December 2003 03:56 pm, Joerg Rossdeutscher 
> Yes, many ISPs do that, and it's a good thing.
> We all would drown in spam if they accepted mail from
> everywhere. There is absolutely nothing you can do except to
> use your providers mailserver.

On Saturday 13 December 2003 04:46 am, Joerg Rossdeutscher 
> It is a good thing. What kind of mail comes from dynamic IPs?
> In 99% it will be spam from open relays, misconfigured
> adresses (postmaster@at.home),...

> ...... Not everyone should use a private
> mailserver. Hobbyists and Freaks should not run such service,
> it's a job for professionals, and those have a static ip. I'm
> really tired of writing a lot in mailinglists an get lots of
> "You mail to cool_kid@local could not be delivered..."

So you believe the ISP should censor our mail, or at least be 
given the opportunity?  You believe that "Hobbyists and Freaks" 
especially need for their mail to be subject to screening, but 
corporations don't?

They do spam filtering.  What's next?  Adding advertisements?  
Harvesting the addresses and selling them to spammers?  
Allowing certain spam to get through, for a price?  Discarding 
your own mail as spam, because you used a naughty word?  
Discarding your own mail as spam because of your political 

It is worth putting up with some spam to get a free, uncensored, 
fast email system.

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