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Re: Earthlink and Swen

On Sun, Dec 14, 2003 at 12:53:20PM -0500, Paul Morgan wrote:
> Then that is my mistake;  I offer my apology to you and to Ross.  I
> found out about it several days ago during a normal routine check of
> services offered on earthlink's web site, and immediately turned it on,

I did the same.

> which has resulted in the removal of about 1.4MB per day of Swens.  All
> were cleaned by removal of infected attachments and I received the
> remainder of the disinfected items.

Since my recent trial of Mutt, I noticed an added X-ETLK-AV header every
since. Ok for putting things in /dev/null.

> Incidentally, there has been expressed a dislike of earthlink's spam
> filtering.  It's working well for me personally; however maybe it's worth
> noting that no-one is forcing earthlink subscribers to use earthlink's
> filtering. If one doesn't like it and wishes to do it oneself, one can
> turn it off.

I have it on Medium and 99% of results are ok, so I just have to check
it once a month for obvious mistakes. But it doesnt seem to remember my
corrections 100%.

> I carry no torch for earthlink.  I was just trying to correct an
> inaccurate characterization of their services.
> The best ISP I used was a local one: magicnet.net of Orlando.
> Unfortunately, they were bought out by a national enterprise: Verio, was
> it? 

Yup, started with pipeline which became mindspring which became earthink
. Same result, less responsive.

can't remember the name now, I've blotted it from my memory, like the
> survivor of a traffic accident. Anyway, they completely destroyed a first
> class service in a stunningly short period of time.
> Like the nun who prayed daily for Jesus' return "tomorrow", I continue to
> pray for the return of local ISPs who endeavor to excel because they
> actually give a crap for their customers and not just for the content of
> their wallets.

I once belived in the Great Pumkin, Too! Oh, Well.


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