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Re: don't have enough free space

Apparently, _Gruessle_, on 12/14/03 14:02,typed:
This is my first post and help call :)

I just installed Debian
I did exit without installing any packages - had to install it 3 times and didn't want to risk another glitch while installing

Anyway the basic system seams to work now, but I have following problem

I ran tasksel from the shell prompt and selected one program but it exits with following error:

E: Sorry, you don't have enough free space in /var/cache/apt/archives to hold all packages.

I have 3 partions on my drive of a total 7.5 GB
Could it be that it only uses 2 partions?

How do I fix this?

$> apt-get autoclean

and see if that works. If not, then your partition where apt is saving the archives is running out of space so we will have to work around this problem in another way(the following in one long link):

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