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Re: Kernel-HOWTO has been removed for review

> > Roberto Sanchez <rcsanchez97@yahoo.es> wrote in message 
> > <[🔎] 3FDBBD0C.7090802@yahoo.es>:
> >>Arnt Karlsen wrote:
> >>>.. ;-)  And I need to get time to learn the Debian way.  ;-)
> >>The Debian way is really a piece of cake.
> > ..patching too?  How about Netfilter Patch-O-Matic?
> > 
>  From `man make-kpkg':
>   [...]

Thanks for the tip on the patching options, I didn't know it included
that.  Cool!  (Because actually, I do have a few patches I want to
try out ....  hmmm).

> The most difficult aspect is getting past the initial psychological
> fear.  My first 6 months using Debian I was petrified of trying to
> recompile a new kernel.  After I finally took the plunge, I wondered
> why I had been so scared.

I started compiling the kernel with make-kpkg when I needed to
get ALSA working (there's basically no other way to get it right, as
the modules have to be compiled in any case).  I found that compiling
the kernel with make-kpkg was actually easier than finding the right
pre-compiled kernel and module packages.

In fact, it was almost as easy as using dpkg (not quite).

I think it's so easy,  in fact, that I'm questioning whether -- with just a
little bit of improvement -- if it could become the PRIMARY way to
install a Debian kernel.  I wonder if it'd be possible to make the 
make-menuconfig script look like (or be preceded by) a debconf
configuration process. It's already pretty similar.

My feeling is that with the Debian kernel-package available, the
main obstacle to compiling the kernel is psychological.  It just
feels like you're doing something drastic, because there's all this
lore out there that dates from the old way, and makes it seem
like a major hacking experience.  But the reality just isn't like that.
It's no worse than a basic Gnu Autoconf source install, now.

And given Debian's positioning as a convenience distribution for
experts, rather than a real newbie distribution, it seems like a very
compatible idea.

Of course, I am not a Debian developer.  Just a very satisfied user.


Terry Hancock ( hancock at anansispaceworks.com )
Anansi Spaceworks  http://www.anansispaceworks.com

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