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Re: Kernel-HOWTO has been removed for review

Arnt Karlsen wrote:
On Sat, 13 Dec 2003 20:29:48 -0500, Roberto Sanchez <rcsanchez97@yahoo.es> wrote in message <[🔎] 3FDBBD0C.7090802@yahoo.es>:

Arnt Karlsen wrote:

or `make oldconfig`.

To be honest, I only found out about oldconfig a few months ago.

.. ;-)  And I need to get time to learn the Debian way.  ;-)

The Debian way is really a piece of cake.

..patching too?  How about Netfilter Patch-O-Matic?

From `man make-kpkg':

--added-patches foo

       --added_patches foo
The argument should be a comma separated list of additional patches to the kernel sources. This automatically sets the
              patch_the_kernel configuration option to YES.


In  the  above,  ALL_PATCH_DIR  defaults  to  a  subdirectory of

Step 1: cp /boot/config-<kernel version> .config && make oldconfig
Step 2 (optional): make menuconfig (to change and tweak options)
Step 3: fakeroot make-kpkg clean
Step 4: fakeroot make-kpkg --append-to-version=<add something> --revision=<today's date> kernel_image kenel_headers

Install the resulting .deb with dpkg and viola.

..yeah, I know I sound like an idiot.  ;-)

The most difficult aspect is getting past the initial psychological
fear.  My first 6 months using Debian I was petrified of trying to
recompile a new kernel.  After I finally took the plunge, I wondered
why I had been so scared.


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