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Re: Portable Ogg Vorbis player

On Thu, 2003-12-11 at 13:15, Antony Gelberg wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been looking for a portable MP3 player for a while.  That is to
> say, one that plays .ogg files.  I have about 750 CD's, of which about
> 200 are ripped in ogg and I'm not going back.  :)
> I have just got home with an iRiver iHP-120.  Plays ogg out of the box.
> And also mp3, wma, wav, asf (as if) for the masochists amongst us.
> USB 2.0 (which seems very fast - I'm rsync'ing my music folder with the
> player and the speed files are going by at looks like about 3-5MB/sec).
> It can also record, has an FM radio, and looks like the nuts.

Thanks for the info. :) Your post actually got me into looking for an
ogg player again. (Been meaning to get one for quite a while now.) I
looked at the iHP-120 but it was a bit too expensive for me. I then
looked at the Neuros 128MB Player (http://www.neuros-audio.com) and
found a much more agreeable price. The 128 MB player is $99 (US), or you
can get it with the 20 GB HD 'backpack' for $229.

It apparently supports ogg vorbis, mp3, and wma, as well as ENCODING to
mp3 from the built in microphone port. Overall, it looks like a
relatively even match for the player you recommended. I ordered mine
today but it's on backorder so I don't really know when it'll come in.
As soon as it does come in I'll post my experiences on here.

Alex Malinovich
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