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Re: Linux is not for consumers!

Thus spake Johann Koenig (explosive@hvc.rr.com):

> No, its not for consumers. Well, at least Debian is not. Perhaps
> Mandrake or SuSE, where you can pay for support, is what you're looking
> for.

  You're right.  Too many consumers are too dumb for for Linux, especially
Debian.  It requires more than a room tempature IQ and the willingness
to use it.

> Not to say Debian is bad, its not. I love it. I run my workstation, mp3
> station, and two servers on Debian, and they all work wonderfully.
> Conversely, I have spent many many hours getting them to work properly.
> And not to say debian-user is not useful, because it is, I have learned
> a lot by reading and posting to this list. However, I also put easily
> hundreds of hours into just setting up and maintaining my computers over
> the past year. But, it's something I enjoy doing.

  I've taught a number of people to use Linux, Debian only, this year
including a Mother of 2 who is a housewife by trade.  She wanted to do
her home finances and not worry about Yet Another Worm taking her bank
info and giving them to some people in nigeria.  The initial installer
was a bit cryptic for her but once we were past that it light up and
she's been running great for about 5 months now with no issues and she's
learned to use apt-get and apt-cache to add some games (she's addicted
to frozen bubble) without my help.

  When are we going to stop telling our family and friends that they
can't handle it?  My family has learned not to ask for help on windows
anymore, I refuse to waste my time if they won't atleast try Linux.
They want to be that stuborn and CHOOSE to treat themselves that way
then they CHOOSE to pay compusa for repair and re-install help.

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