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Re: LSI Fusion MPT ?

On Wed, Dec 10, 2003 at 11:52:45AM -0800, ke-list@retriever.dyndns.org wrote:
> I'm trying to install Debian on a Dell Dimension 360 with an LSI
> 21320 Fusion MPT SCSI adapter. As I understand things, most 2.4.18
> kernels don't support it but 2.4.19 does. Unfortunately, the Woody
> bf24 install uses the former.
> I've tried making a rescue disk based on 2.4.22 but initrd.img is too
> big, and leaving it out seems to prevent it from finding the root
> disk.
> I've tried using the Sid install but even after adding the correct
> device with mknod it won't mount existing partitions implying it
> doesn't include the needed driver.
> Does anyone have an idea how to get Debian installed on this
> configuration ?
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> Kevin Bailey
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You might try the install ISO at the following location:


It is Dell specific and should work for your machine. If not, directions
are provided for building your own custom ISO.

-- asg

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