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Re: finding modules in "make menuconfig"

Graeme Tank wrote:

On Wed, Dec 10, 2003 at 01:39:05PM +0000, David Selby wrote:
Given a modules name, is there an easy way to locate it in "make menuconfig" without searching through & making educated guesses ?

I am trying to locate information on

af_packet ... which has sprung up in /etc/modules ... what does it do ?
ip_conntrack_ftp ... where is it in "make menuconfig" ?

If I can find them in "make menuconfig" I can view their help files & switch them on/off.

Any suggestions

You can inspect the "make menuconfig" help files directly in the
kernel-source directory. Reading the description of interest should then
point you to the right place in "make menuconfig" so you can confortably
make changes if you wish.

For 2.4.22 kernels, the help file is Documentation/Configure.help:

$ fgrep -C 10 af_packet Documentation/Configure.help
Packet socket
 The Packet protocol is used by applications which communicate
 directly with network devices without an intermediate network
 protocol implemented in the kernel, e.g. tcpdump.  If you want
 them to work, choose Y.

 This driver is also available as a module called af_packet.o ( = code
 which can be inserted in and removed from the running kernel whenever
 you want).  If you want to compile it as a module, say M here and read
 <file:Documentation/modules.txt>; if you use modprobe or kmod, you may
 also want to add "alias net-pf-17 af_packet" to /etc/modules.conf.

 If unsure, say Y.

$ fgrep -C 10 ip_conntrack_ftp Documentation/Configure.help
Helper match support
 Helper matching allows you to match packets in dynamic connections
 tracked by a conntrack-helper, ie. ip_conntrack_ftp

 If you want to compile it as a module, say M here and read
 Documentation/modules.txt.  If unsure, say `Y'.

For the 2.6.0-test9 kernel, the help files are distributed. Find what
you're looking for with something like:

$ fgrep af_packet `find . -name "Kconfig" -print`


Thanks for all your pointers .. Its a great help

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