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OT: Voicemail/fax software

Hi, folks. I have an aging OS/2 machine running some (also aging)
voicemail/fax software that I'd like to replace with a Free alternative.

My needs aren't terribly complex, I need to be able to

- connect it to my phone switch
- have multiple voice and fax mailboxes
- configure the voicemail over the handset

and I would like to also be able to have faxes sent to an appropriate
email recipient. 

I have googled around, but there doesn't appear to be many mature
choices. The Bayonne project seems like it wants to be what I need at
some point, but doesn't seem ready yet.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

(PS, If there is not a Free solution, a proprietary solution that works
on GNU/Linux would be acceptable as an interim measure)

Mark Roach

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