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Re: SID: Webmin will not let me edit, systems users

Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:

On Sun, 30 Nov 2003, John Foster wrote:

I have webmin installed from Debian.org not from the upstream developer.
I have always been able to use it to add users, groups , & edit them.
Now it has a warning that I can not, & it will not let me edit the
existing users or add new ones. What gives. I have been using it since
before it was a debian package.

Try 1.121 which I just uploaded.  This appears to work now.

No luck with that either. I tried adding several no-login users with the result that webmin creats a /home/username/ site with owner 11 & group as specified. However the group properties are not passed either. In short all it does is create the directory. I also can not edit any of the existing users on the system. I hope this improves as I will have to either downgrade or go to the old tarball install. Yeah...I am sort of lazy & prefer to use .debs when I can.Thanks for the pointers. If there is any help I can provide please advise as I did look over the module configs for webmin & did not see any areas to edit that might affect this issue.I am very willing to help...else I wopuld not be running a SID system.

John Foster
Advance-Computing Systems
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