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Making a distribution

Hi all,

One of the things I often do in my line of work is install a Linux bridging
firewall.  I generally install a minimal Debian, recompile the kernel, and
run my bridge and firewall scripts from bootmisc.sh.

What I'd really like is to create a distribution of my own that would
install automatically onto a PC, with minimal interactivity.  For example, I
don't want to be asked about partitioning, I just want to wipe the disk,
create an ext3 partition and format it.  I want vim, links, sshd (amongst
others).  I want apt-get and a custom 2.4.23 kernel.

Is there a way to do this based on Debian (for apt-get etc)?  I am a big
Debian fan, but even a minimal install is more than I need.


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