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Re: only root able to play music cds?


michelle (<auto_delete_all_incoming@dynodonalies.com>) wrote:

> I have things set up so that members of the audio group can use the
> sound cards. Users can mount and unmount cds. But only root can play
> music off the cd. Not even members of the disk and audio groups can do
> that.
> How do I fix this so members of audio can use cd player apps (playing
> cds from alsaplayer in particular)?

Check if you use ide-scsi emulation. If you do, add the user to the
cdrom group. Also check the permissions on /dev/sg*. Those files are
only read-writable by root, changing ownership to root.cdrom and making
then group-read-writable will maybe help. And _never_ add users to the
disk group, one mistyped dd command can destroy your system.

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

Andreas Janssen
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