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Kazaa, iMesh.....proxy server

Title: Kazaa, iMesh.....proxy server


i have a Debian linux box acting as a proxy server to access the internet, for my Win2k clients, with squid, perdition and ntpcache as proxys for web, msn messenger, icq, email and newsgroups access to the net.

I don't have ipforwarding enabled and i have some ipchains rules to block incoming access for some ports from the internet.

Is there a proxy program that allows me to use other applications as Kazaa, iMesh on my win2k clients ?

                           local Ethernet                               local Ethernet
Internet <---->cable modem<--------------->Debian Linux Proxy server<------------------>Win2k Clients
                                        Squid, Perdition, ntpcache

Thanks in advance
Pedro Ruivo

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