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RE: Virtual PC 5.2

OK, I now seem to be making some progress, although not quite

Following advice received on this list, I have used "lspci" to
get the bus id of the video card, and then by running
"dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86" a few times, I have managed
to get x-windows to start in 300x200 mode, using the vga

> Try the 'vga' driver.  It might not be as good as the s3 driver on
> real hardware, but it should at least be operational and give you
> something to start with.

"Might not be as good" is a bit of an understatement.  The log-in
window is larger than my screen, and I am too much of a newbie
at this to have even figured out how to go back to the bash prompt.
(I'll have to figure that out before I attempt to change anything

The output from "startx" (before I got it working) shows the
video card as having been detected as an s3 Trio32/64
(which is what Windows detects).  I have tried manually editing
the /etc/X11/XConfig file to use the "s3"
driver, but apparently no such driver exists.

Is "s3" not the correct name of the driver, or do I have to
manually install it first? (I am using Woody 3.0 r1, default boot



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