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Re: Info Problem

On Mon, Dec 08, 2003 at 04:58:26PM -0800, Karsten M. Self wrote

> Well, for values of "anywhere" equalling "take it up with Richard",
> yes.  But no specific movement.  Among the reasons for polishing
> my man vs.  info debate was preparation for a formal proposal.
> Which still hasn't happened.  But could.  Think it's worth a try?

  Sometimes, laughter is the best weapon.  I notice that "info" seems
to be like some some of the role-playing adventure games where you
wander up and down many levels in a maze to reach the final destination.
so here's my proposal...

  1) Create a trivial program that does nothing.  Call it "sucks".

  2) To invoke its info page, you'd have to type "info sucks".

  Have a *MASSIVE* info file for "sucks" with many levels and links
through its structure.  The opening page would be something like...

File: sucks.info,  Node: The beginning,  Next: ???  Prev: ???,  Up: Top

INFO sucks

   Admit it, we've all wasted more than our fair share of time trying to
find some minor little item in INFO.  We chose which way to jump, and
climbed up and down levels in our frantic search for the truth.  While
INFO may suck as an information-retreival engine, it has the beginnings
of a wonderful gaming engine.  You'll still end up wasting tons of time
with INFO, but at least you'll have fun doing so.  Without further ado,
here's the demo game to demonstrate the potential of INFO.

   You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike...

* Menu:

* left::        ???
* right::       ???
* up::          ???
* down::        ???
* backwards::   ???
* forwards::    ???

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