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mplayer peculiarities

I use mplayer only to listen to classical music from KUSC.
It is a welcome alternative to RealPlayer.
First installed mplayer-386 from

deb http://marillat.free.fr/ testing main

that got me sig 11 errors. I posted that a while back.

Then I installed mplayer-686 from same place. Got rid of sig 11's.

Now I have a new ISP and behold, the internet-world is not so error-prone as I thought it was!

There remain 2 peculiarities:

When I have mplayer running on a VC and on Mozilla am checking gmane.debian.user and right click to reply to a posting,
mplayer pauses in its VC.


when I select anything on a Mozilla screen and right click it to copy,
mplayer gets an end-of-file.

Now I also run *super duper* Backstreet Ruby for multi-seat Debian, and that may also cause the problem.

Has anybody seen any behavior like this?


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