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Re: could not eject CDROM as a normal user: [solved]

Walter Dnes wrote:
On Mon, Dec 08, 2003 at 06:36:19AM -0800, Karsten M. Self wrote

  Debian seems to require a lot of this, i.e. making user a member of
cdrom, floppy, and audio (what else?).  This raises a question for me,
namely is there a group-management tool somewhere.  I've read the

Exactly my question too! But I was looking for a GUI tool, in which I could just check the groups I want a user to be a member of instead of using the "adduser" command repeatedly. Couldn't find one, so I just did everything on the command prompt.

usermod manpage, but all it has is the ability to make the listed user a
member only of the listed groups.  There doesn't seem to be a switch for
adding the user to a group without dropping any unmentioned groups.
What I'd like would be a couple of commands to...
a) list the groups a userID is currently a member of

I may have got you wrong, but are you looking for:
$> groups <userID>

b) add the userID to one group, but not drop him from all other groups,
   without having to type in all the current groups he belongs to

$> adduser <username> <groupname>

If you already know these, apologies.

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