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Re: locales and coding systems

Em Mon, 08 Dec 2003 16:31:17 -0500, Haines Brown escreveu:

> the default coding system is
> utf-16. That is, when I save any file in emacs having an accented
> character, it doubles in size and is a 16-bit file.

	This is not the default, but Emacs' suggestion based on the
buffer contents.  You can easily tell it to save in 8 bits when it asks
for the encoding.

> The problem with this is that none of my other apps can cope with that.
> Nedit, for exmaple, can't read it. My browser also can't cope. What I need
> is to have all my files 8-bit.

	Actually this is the app's fault.  But again, Emacs will happily
accept your overriding its suggestion to use UTF-8 or ISO-8859-1[5] or
whatever it supports with Mule.

> The default coding system in emacs is determined by how I've set up
> locales in debian.

	Not at all.  Emacs is quite independent.  The locale simply tells
apps which language you'd like to see in their user interface; how they'll
encode information is quite another thing.  BTW, that's the beauty of
Unicode: one encoding for (nearly) all languages.

> I went back to my installation notes, and according to
> them, I had set the locale to utf-8.

	What exactly do you have in /etc/environment or ~/.bashrc or 

> How do I find out what coding system I'm currently using? When I run #
> locale, all I get is LANG=POSIX, etc. If I run # locale -a, all I get is
> POXIX and C. Apparently I'm climbing the wrong tree.

	If you really see #, you are using the superuser account (root).
This is *dangerous*!  You should set yourself a common user and use only
that.  root should be reserved for software installation and system

> If my coding system turns out to be utf-16, how do I change it to utf-8?

	I am not aware of any locale configuration using UTF-16.

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