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Re: RAID question

hi ya arne

On Mon, 8 Dec 2003, Arne Goetje wrote:

> > none of the "onboard raid" stuff worked in the past ... as far as i'm
> > concerned
> >
> > if you use hw raid, you're stuck with the sw they give you to
> > maintain/watch yoru raid system ...
> >
> > if you use sw raid, you can do anything you want imaginable
> > within reason to baby sit your raid box
> >
> well, thanks so far to all who replied...
> one more question: it seems that the vendor of the onboard RAID 
> controller supplies a binary kernel module for the RAID function.
> However, this is proprietary stuff. 

yup.. you can use what one outfit gives you and be locked into
their widgets and their [in]abilities to fix serious bugs [fast] or go

onboard raid stuff does NOT work ... as they claim .. ( "raid" )
	and in my definitions .. "hands off raid" 
	where each of the drive gets physically disconnected
	and i expect it to keep working and resync when
	the new replacement is swapped in

	one or more drives at a time, depending on your raid config

> There is also a software RAID driver which is open source.

software raid driver  is in the linux kernel itself ..
anything is the vendors (modified) raid widgets ..

> Can I enable HW RAID in the Controller menu and use it on the win2k 
> partition and can I use software RAID in Linux, or will that mess up 
> everything?

i dont think you can mix and match depending on the "os"
since its hardware controlled
	- unless you tweek the controller or the bios 
	each time you reboot to the other partition

> Or is it better to stick to the binary module?

never use binary anything .... 
	- have the source code available to *-you-*  so that
	"somebody" can fix any buggs for you

c ya

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