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Re: Wvdial and mysterious /dev/ttyS0 permission change

On 7. December 2003 at 1:32PM -0500,
Roberto Sanchez <rcsanchez97@yahoo.es> wrote:

> Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:


> > I hardly think it necessary to install the Mega-size KDE libs
> > to use kppp, but what is the reason pon/poff won't do?
> > Although admittedly that is no solution to your problem ;-)
> > 
> I used to have this exact same problem on my machine (except
> with /dev/ttyLT0, since it is a Lucent winmodem).  But I don't
> know that there is a solution.  Especially since I think that
> kppp would need to be suid root (not a good idea) to get past
> this problem.

I've always wondered why it should require root-level access (or
its equivalent in the case of kppp) to set even the "safer"
config options in ppp and friends, e.g. the dialup number and
login password.  Couldn't there be a ppp group so that even
Friend X, sharing the dorm computer, could log-in to the ISP of
his choice without waking up the admin?

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