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Re: [OT] got a new isp

Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:
After 28 months with Mexican Prodigy switched to Mexican AT&T.


The latest *scientific* results are in from the comparison between AT&T and Prodigy ISP's in Mexico:

1. Prodigy will cut off any session lasting more than 8:00 hours at exactly 8 hours. I thought it was Telmex doing that. It is Prodigy. I have suffered for 3 years with this! AT&T does not. Running now for 8 hours 35 minutes without sighup!

2. Playing mplayer to KUSC produces good results in the afternoon. I could never do that in Prodigy.

*Recommendation*: if you live in Mexico do not ever get Prodigy!


BTW this is a low bandwidth connection. I cannot imagine high bandwidth ever getting here with Telmex. They say they have it. So I subscribed. After 3 weeks waiting I went to see the bosses in town. Ah, high bandwidth... No, not where you live.

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