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[OT] got a new isp

After 28 months with Mexican Prodigy switched to Mexican AT&T.

It was the worst service ever: almost every day at least one hangup, frequent DSN lookup hangs, frequent nothing-at-alls.

But... I should not complain because I paid for only 12 months...

which is a symbol of the organization.

So I have a question: does anybody know of a way to compare ISP performances?

I looked into this in the past and even installed it: it is PasTmon, the passive network monitor. I installed it from source, uses Postgresql as database, R as the statistical package, you need a network intercept library for it. Very complete package.

Except... you get deluged in data. So in order to compare ISP's you would need a significant statistical effort, with some sort of benchmarks to go with.

So, do I only wonder about comparing ISP's in Mexico, or does this have more universal validity?


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