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Re: Maildrop + SA

Darik Horn wrote:
 > So, I would like send spams (witch my SA didn't catch) to e-mail
 > spam@domain.com and my maildrop use sa-learn in this e-mail.
 > How can I do that in my maildrop???

Be careful about doing this. Things that you forward to spam@domain.com will appear to come from your address, so you may accidentally teach SpamAssassin to negatively score messages from your domain.

A better solution is to export a maildir as a shared IMAP folder, and then drag-and-drop spams there with your mail reader. The spam will not be changed by another run through the MTA, which will improve the effectiveness of sa-learn.

You could then run a cron job against that maildir like this:

' for i in $(find /my/spam/maildir -type f)
    sa-learn --spam "$i" && rm "$i"

Test this first.

I tried this under Cyrus and really screwed up my maildir by removing a file that wasn't supposed to be removed.

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