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Re: Swap Distribution

On Thu, 2003-12-04 at 19:33, Vineet Kumar wrote:
> debian's maintenance and upgrade facilities blow everything at redhat
> out of the water.  Completely.  In the redhat world, a reinstall is SOP.
> With Debian, you'll never have to reinstall.  Upgrades just work.

While I am using Debian in my server at home, I've upgraded bunch of
RedHat Linux machines from 7.3 to 8, 8 to 9, 9 to Fedora Core 1 with
apt-get (that has been compiled for RPMs) without any major problems. 
Of course, you can do RedHat Linux upgrade with bood floppies/CDs, but
there has been easier ways for while...

> > read that debian use apt, how long did debian keep support?, RedHat keep
> > releasing uptades for 5 years for each version.
> I don't know where you get that figure.  This:
> I haven't been paying all that close attention, but I'm pretty sure 9
> wasn't released in 1999, nor even 8.0 for that matter.

I guess he was referring to RedHat Enterprise Linux. 
http://www.redhat.com/software/rhel/ says following:
12-18 month release cycle and five years of support for every version.
[end of quote]

Downside in RHEL is that you have to pay those yearly fees, but thats
the price you have to pay, if  you want/need to run Oracle or some of
the other close source applications, which they only support on specific
Linux distributions, or you need to be certain that your platform is
supported for next five years. Debian doesn't give you similar
guarantees, since it all depends on how long some volunteers are willing
to maintain old versions from their packages.

Most common reply to this kind of comments is that you can always buy
similar support for Debian, but www.debian.org/consultants doesn't list
any big companies like IBM, etc. that could guarantee global support.
Even www.progeny.com, which probably has some kind of support for
Debian, doesn't have any figures which system administrator could use
for making some rough calculations on expected expenses, when they make
purchase orders. For these reasons, redhat.com provides convening
one-stop service point, where you can purchases all that you need for
next x years.
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