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Re: How do I temporally disable gdm? (or is it gpm)

"Mark Healey" <deblist@healeyonline.com> writes:

> I've received a number of suggesions for my X problem.  Before I try
> any of them I'd like to disable my graphical login screen.  It is
> either gpm or gdm.  I can't remember which one is the login screen and
> which is the console mouse driver.

gdm is the GNOME Display Manager, much like xdm (X), kdm (KDE), and
wdm (Wings).  gpm is the console mouse driver.

> Anyway,  I'm hoping that there is a line in a file I can comment out.

Delete /etc/rc2.d/S99gdm, which is a symlink telling the init scripts
"start gdm as the last thing in runlevel 2".  Or, if you just want to
stop it for this session and have it start again at the next boot, run
'/etc/init.d/gdm stop'.

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