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Re: How do I temporally disable gdm? (or is it gpm)

Mark Healey wrote:
I've received a number of suggesions for my X problem.  Before I try
any of them I'd like to disable my graphical login screen.  It is
either gpm or gdm.  I can't remember which one is the login screen and
which is the console mouse driver.

I don't know if these are the correct expansions of the acronyms, but I think of them as Gnome Display Manager (gdm) and General Purpose Mouse (gpm).

Anyway,  I'm hoping that there is a line in a file I can comment out.

Lots of ways to do what you want; if it's just a temporary thing for a few boots, I'd add "exit 0" as the first executable line in /etc/init.d/gdm


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