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Re: Kernel upgrade time

God probably doesn't use a computer. Can you picture him
rebooting the universe because of a newly compiled kernel or
a bug? "Excuse me people, you will be non existing for a couple
of minutes while i install a new universe kernel".


I wonder. The Bhagavad Gita has

8,16-19 "For all the worlds pass away, even the world of Brahma, the creator: They pass away and return [...]"

but it may be about splendid uptimes:

"They who know that the vast day of Brahma, the god of creation, ever lasts a thousand ages; and that his night also lasts a thousand ages - they know in truth day and night. When that day comes all visible creation arises from the invisible; and all creation disappears into the invisible when the night of darkness comes.Thus the infinity of beings which live again and again all powerlessly disappear when the night of darkness comes; they all return again in the rising of the day.


PS Saw a 'toon recently depicting a new arrival for hell checking in, a devil at the reception asking him to wait a little while he reboots XP.

What a mystery all that is.

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