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Re: passwordless ssh-login

Vineet Kumar <vineet@doorstop.net> writes:

>* Joerg Johannes (joerg_johannes@web.de) [031201 09:52]:
>>Hi everybody
>>Is it possible to use different login names on different machines in
>>combination with passwordless ssh logins? My situation is the
>Yes, the key setup is completely independent of the username.  If it's
>not working on a particular server, it could be that the server is
>configured to disallow key-based authentication, or is just using an
>incompatible ssh daemon.
>On a sort of tangent, you can use your ~/.ssh/options to save yourself
>typing if you're often logging in to multiple machines with different
>usernames on each by using "nicknames" for each remote account. [...]

At least on my (sid) system, it's ~/.ssh/config.

And thanks a lot. That was useful ^_^

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