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Re: python problem in unstable

Hello 'J.S.'!

On Sat, Nov 29, 2003 at 05:05:22PM +0000, J.S.Sahambi wrote:
When I upgrade my system (Debian/unstable) with dselect or "apt-get upgrade" I get the following errors about python dependency/conflict. A Few days back there was some mails in the list about the problem and some people said that the python was broken in unstable distribution. Has this problem been solved or not?

Did you also read the links which were already provided for
clarification? I guess not as
clearly states this bug has been solved and new packages have been
uploaded to incoming.
Please read the bug report before asking a fourth time on the list,
especially after this topic came up some times before you asked.

A slight sidenote:
Your Mozilla reports +0000 as your timezone, but you are in +0530 so
your mail appears to be from the future. Any way to fix this, as it
may be quite confusing to some people...?


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