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Re: iptables and adsl modem at boot time

Florian Ernst wrote:
Hello 'H. S.'!

On Fri, Nov 28, 2003 at 02:52:48AM -0500, H. S. wrote:

[... Customizing the boot process ...]
IN google, I have read suggestion which mainly say to put it in init.d and
have a soft link in /etc/rcS.d (?) Can somebody attest to this?

See the corresponding chapter from the Debian Reference at

You might just want to read the whole reference as well, as it
contains lots of valuable information.


Yup, that helped a bit. So I should put my script (my-firewall.sh) in /etc/init.d and then do:
$> update-rc.d my-firewall.sh defaults N

Where N should a number indicating that run this script before any interface is brought up, right?

Assuming that is correct, I see an immediate problem as I read Section 2.4.2 Runlevels of the link you have given above. My script does not have start, stop, reload options. So I guess I shouldn't put that script in /etc/init.d (?)

If I shouldn't put the firewall script in /etc/init.d, one other option is see as follows: 1) Set the default iptables (the script that comes with Debian) such that it block everything
2) call the "my-firewall.sh" script from maybe "pon" script.

So when the computer boots up, the default secure firewall rules will already be in place when ppp0 is brought up, and while 'pon' brings up ppp0, it will execute "my-firewall.sh" script before it actually brings ppp0 up. What do you make of this plan?


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