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Re: Invisible fonts in KDE on Sarge

On Fri, Nov 21, 2003 at 07:56:25AM -0500, Rich B wrote:
> Howdy,
> After losing KDE in Sarge, I followed the advice on this list and 
> installed libsensors manually. Then I reinstalled the rest of KDE.
> Everything seemed to install well, but my KDE fonts are now invisible!
> Text in Konsole, menus, and alert windows are there but invisible.
> I can't see the text, but I can cut-and-paste the text into an xterm.
> Does anybody have ideas of what is going on?
> Rich B.
I've had similar problems for quite awhile.  I find that not all fonts
are invisible, only some (if you get  KDE font picker that lists
fonts, some will be blank and some not; if you have a font picker that
displays sample text, the sample is blank for some but not others).
So switching to "good" fonts is a work-around.

I've had various suspicions, particularly about some name changes for
fonts in the qt2 -> qt3 (kde2 -> 3) transition, but I've been unable
to definitively diagnose or solve the problem.

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