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Re: Official Apt sources

Hello 'Your Name'!

On Wed, Nov 26, 2003 at 12:47:19PM +0000, Your Name wrote:
I am fairly new to debian and i am trying to find the official apt soures, i can find a million unoffical sources, but searching with google and searching debian.org doesnt give it.

I dont know who to suggest it to but maybe it could be a useful link in the APT-howto document (or one of the other plethora of APT documents).

You mean like the one from '2. Basic Configuration' from the
apt-howto, linking to the list of mirrors, or the link in the
installation manual?

Also see
which can be found by looking at 'Getting Debian' from www.debian.org.

P.S. the link on debian.org about subscribing to this list returned a 404 so please subscribe me to this list. thanks

Try again, it should be working by now.


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