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Re: dselect makes me feel like an idiot

On Tue, 25 Nov 2003 01:36:11 -0600
tripolar <tripolar@comcast.net> wrote:

T> I open dselect and search / for nvidia
T> 3 choices come up. i enter return a few times, get to "install" enter
T> then this comes up
T> Why are all these kde programs being removed? Am I not doing
T> something right? Thanks

Usually, if you want to install something and an already installed package (or any of its dependencies) has a conflict with it, they would get uninstalled to allow the new one.

But dselect is old, and weird, and will make feel you sorry (the idiot part is optional ;-).  It commonly tries to wipe half of your system to get a tiny app installed, at least in my Sid experience.  Now I use aptitude, which is *much* nicier.  Try with it.

As a side note, nvidia packages for Sid are under heavy changes right now, so its good to give a look to the page of the mantainer.  I got mine compiling from source.  But Woody deb's should be stable, as usual.


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