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Re: apt-get etiquette

RichardA <pingvin@simaric.net> writes:

> I'm a Mandrake user hoping to trade up. As such, I expect to break my
> install beyond my capacity to fix it at least a few times.
> Does it matter that I upgrade from stable to unstable, and pull many
> packages from the server, each time? Is there a (n easy) way to use a
> local cache?

I've never worried about it terribly.  It probably is reasonably
important that you find a local mirror; there's a list at
http://www.debian.org/mirrors/list.  If you were configuring dozens of
machines at once you might find it more convenient to set of a local
mirror of the Debian archive, or use something like a Squid caching
proxy.  But for one machine that you'll install a few times, it's
probably more trouble than it's worth.

(FWIW, my impression has been that people rarely need to install the
world multiple times on the same machine.  If you're really set on
going straight to unstable, you also might consider testing the
debian-installer release candidate, though I don't have a pointer to
it handy at the moment.)

> Once up and running, how often should I update? Every night?

I generally update my unstable machines daily, yeah, for both the
latest features and the latest bugs.

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