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Re: scsi emulation for CD burner

Gregory K. Johnson a écrit :

I got an error much like this a few days ago while updating my kernel.
I stayed up late looking into and found:

  * It's a known bug, #213663.[1]

  * The changelog for the upstream 2.4.23-rc2 kernel release says:
    "Fix ide-scsi initialization lockup (kudos to Alan)."[2]

  * The changelog for Debian's kernel-source-2.4.22 package, version
    2.4.22-4 (11/15/2003), says: "Fixed initialisation lockup in
    drivers/scsi/ide-scsi.c (bk, closes: #213663)."[3]

I was using kernel-source-2.4.22_2.4.22-3 and, indeed, updating to
2.4.22-4 fixed my problem.
Thank you Greg !
I updated to 2.4.22-4 and now it works fine.

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