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Re: Hoax: Re: What up with www.debian.org ?

Tom posts:

>> deinstalled  due to missing  dependencies, but  the 2nd  time through
>> they work.  (This time, it was most of the qt3*-dev and gtk2*-dev and
>> relateds.)

When did you notice this ? 

When I  installed the procps  of `sid' v3.x.x, chkrootkit  was informing
that I  had a LKM worm  but disappeared when downgraded.   Some say that
procps masks certain  threads.  I really wonder what  is up, because now
chkrootkit does not complain about  masked threads on ps (procps v3.x.x,
which I put in again).

I have removed all my devel packages and chkrootkit as well.


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