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Re: Asus A7N8X Deluxe and Debian?

On 21 Nov 2003 at 0:09, Roberto Sanchez wrote:

> No no no no!  Don't start over.  If you have
headers, there
> is no need to "make" anything.  I originassy thought
you were
> going to install kernel-sources.  Since you
installed headers,
> just go ahaed an remake the driver module.

Just for the helluvit, I went ahead and tried again to
install the nForce drivers.  Still errors 
though, though a bit different from the first time.

Following nVidia's instructions, I unpacked the
tarball with

tar -xvzf NV*

That created an nforce directory.

So I then did a cd /nforce, and executed the make

Here's the results (only 1 error as far as I can tell)


After that, I skipped their instruction to issue the
su command, since I was already logged in 
as root, and went on to do

make install

Here's the output from that...


I have no idea what else to try

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