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Re: mozilla mail freezes on start

Erik Steffl wrote:

Erik Steffl wrote:

  last mozilla 1.4 worked OK, now that I upgraded to 1.5-2 when I open
mail window it just freezes (all mozilla windows are completely frozen,
not updated at all).

  I have an IMAP server (imaps) and few nntp servers configured. I can
connect to IMAP server (cyrus) using other clients - so far I tried mutt
and evolution, both work.

  any ideas on how to troubleshoot this or what's the problem?

am I the only one with this problem? I also filed a bug, no response either...

I guess that means there's something offending in my prefs (I've seen it before, mozilla seems to be fairly senstive to prefs)




Two ideas:
1)  Try it as a different user.

2) Rename your ~/.mozilla directory and then try starting Moz; if it works, then you can copy over your bookmarks.thml and abook.mab and maybe a few other things from your renamed folder.


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