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Re: antivirus recomendation?

> On Thu, Nov 20, 2003 at 11:33:23AM -0500 or thereabouts, Robert L.
> Harris wrote:
> Hello Robert,
>> For home, spam assassin, tell it to tag MS Executables very high
>> (3000) and devnull anything >1000.
> Ah SA, too resource intensive for me.
>> Professional, so far I like central command's vexira
>> (http://www.centralcommand.com/linux_products.html)
>> They do have a Linux workstation product for $35 which I haven't
>> tried, but the Server version plugs right into exim on linux and can
>> take a massive pounding without noticable increase in load.
> Ah OK, I'm looking for OSS solutions tho. I see what's available in my
> cache, I just want some recommendations on what people have used
> available from the Debian Woody download list. If there are options only
> available to testing or unstable users, than I'd appreciate knowing of a
> any good product that's NOT commercial/shareware.
> But, thanks for taking the time to answer.

You can look into clamAV.
But if SpamAssassin is too resource intensive I think you will find
antivirus scanners to be even more so.

clamav+spamassassin scanning in daemon mode takes 10-20 seconds per message.
spamassassin scanning in daemon mode takes 2-3 seconds per message.
This is based on a Pentiume-II 400MHz 512MB RAM.

A very solid set-up that I have is to use postfix + amavisd-new + clamav +
spamassassin.  It is a little intense in that it will readily suck up the
better part of my 512MB of RAM.  But it does it all.

However, I have to limit the processes to ~10.  Still tweaking the values.

I'm not sure what resources you are worried about, but I've given you some
stats to help you decide.  AntiVirus scanning is pretty intense work.

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