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Re: Spamassassin daemon running aimlessly

> From: ScruLoose <scruloose+debuser@eastlink.ca>
> On Wed, Nov 19, 2003 at 01:37:43PM -0500, Haines Brown wrote:
> > I'm finding the documentation cryptic, and need simple direction.
> > I ran # spamd -cd, and assumed it would check my incoming mail
> > according to a preferences file, and that it would dump spam into
> > a location such as ~/mail/spam. =20
> I'm afraid it's not that simple...
> You need to specify at some point in the delivery chain that you
> want the message to be passed to spamc.

Makes sense. My problem was that under RedHat, I just installed, and
everything just worked. I'll read the exim document you suggested and
see what I can extract from it.

> This will cause spamassassin (by default) to just add some headers
> to the message.  If you want it to be filtered into a separate
> folder, you need to use a filtering MDA such as procmail (to filter
> based on those headers)...

Again, didn't have to do that before. There are some advantages in
running procmail, but I've been so challenged just to get postfix
running and struggling to get some work done that I thought I could
put it off for a while. I assume procmail sits somehere in the mail
chain, along with postfix and spamassassin. Sounds intimidating, but
perhaps I'll find something more by googling.

> Or set up two rules in procmail... one to pipe the message through
> spamc, then a second to sort based on the headers.

So perhaps postfix-->spamc-->procmail-->mua/dumpfile

Thanks for giving me some sense of what needs to be done.

      Haines Brown

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